Best Practices

From Dinosaurs to Eagles

  From Dinosaurs to Eagles! By now, my dear readers have seen that TED talks are an inspiration for many of our daily improvements and even the occasional blog from your humble data cruncher! Today, is no different.  I encourage everyone to watch Natalie Fratto; 3 ways to measure your adaptability and how to improve it.  […]
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TEN THOUSAND TIMES! By now, many of us have heard the “rule” to expertise in any subject matter requires 10,000 hours for anyone to rise to the level of “expert”.    Surely, such a standard misses the point that when you survey the top ten people who have reached that level, they will all agree with […]
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Attitude meets Opportunity!

ATTITUDE! Consider the person who tried out the first bungee cord for a jump.   He was completely committed to this adventure without having absolute knowledge of his safety.   Yet, he created a whole new industry for adrenaline lovers! You have the benefit of knowing there is a long history of success with directed mail and […]
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