Zen and the Art of Address Collection!




We hear the questions all the time,,,  “why can’t I just go collect the data (addresses) myself?”  The answer is obvious the moment you sit down at the terminal.  You sit there for a moment trying to figure out the system, then you ask yourself where do I even start?

Even if you send an experienced paralegal, how do you know they KNOW what they’re doing.  Again, the answer is you (and they) are clueless in the construction of each day’s docket and how to find the data from day to day getting only that which you want to invest your money into a letter/postage without duplication or unnecessary delay.   Each day is different and the protocols the clerks follow is different with each court and in many cases with each clerk themselves.

This is where experience comes into play.

The original process grew out of the experiences that the owner had as a court clerk in 1980-85!  Talk about learning in the dark ages!  Over time the methods have changed, the format has changed, and even the delivery process has changed from an old Dial-up 56K modem to an internet-based process for the base data.

Add into the mix that the primary charges are filtered by years of experience of a litigator, both prosecution and defense, and it becomes painfully clear why a paralegal is no match in experience or knowledge.  Furthermore, you will discover their frustration in the process will result in poor results.

Everyday our depth of knowledge grows upon the experiences of the last day, weeks, months or years.  A good example is when clerks move a whole section of cases forward by thousands of empty file numbers just so they appear to be keeping up with the “numbers” of their sister courts in Traffic.    Without that knowledge expectation, you would think the data just came to an inexplicable stop.  We deal with these issues daily.


Some firms have gone as far as hiring away our researchers thinking that they can recreate our process.  Sadly, the researchers are not the nexus of our skill pool.  They simply gather what they are directed to draw.

Our preliminary draws are the result of many tens of thousands of dollars spent on programing, modifications, and then rewriting the whole program over again every time the Supreme Court changes their process by a single comma in programing.

Then we scrub the data for only the cases likely to result in a new client.  Once we have that, there are a number of processes we use to scrub the data to insure the most reliable format and zip coding possible.

All of this is premised upon using ONLY the addresses at the courthouse.  There are many other ways of getting “AN” address but not necessarily the CORRECT address!

As with any process, Garbage in will get you Garbage out.  There is simply no substitution for hard work.  Despite what the competition might claim!   Solid addresses sourced solely from the clerk’s office directly gives you a degree of comfort that your advertising dollars are not being wasted on bad address.

Plus, when the questionable addresses used by the competition results in a Bar Committee inquiry, do you REALLY want your defense to be that you were using the cheapest provider?

We do not profess to be cheap or even settling for the “middle of the pack” by cost.  But we give you the VERY best addresses possible with no exceptions.

Over the years, a few firms have left, but almost without exception they have all come back when they realized their mistake!

Let us show you how to spend your money and time wisely.  We can provide both process, inspiration, and dedication from beginning to execution of your marketing program.

Of course, you are free to recreate the wheel from scratch. But 30 years of experience of what does and does not work,,, might be of value. Perhaps!

Experience Matters!   (Conversely, inexperience is usually very expensive)

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