Welcome to the New World


Perhaps Christopher Columbus felt hesitant when he stepped on to those sandy shores.  But he knew that with every new venture, there is always a great deal of hesitancy.   FEAR NOT!  We are your guides in this “new world” and hopefully lead you to a greater “thanksgiving” very soon.  Every step on this pathway has been walked many times by us and we can show you how to avoid the common mistakes.  We can also show you how to make this trip easy and profitable!

Step 1) Getting Started.   Understand that this process has a steep learning curve, and everyone will put their own spin to the process.  Depending on your firm’s composition, we can show you how to scale up or down for your own set of resources or goals.

Step 2) Stay engaged.   This process will eventually be handed off to your staff or outside vendor depending on your comfort levels.  BUT you must never substitute their work for your oversight.  That could come in time.  But understand that every ship will still wander off the straight line if you do not routinely step in and correct the course!   (This is the most common mistake)

Step 3) BE AVAILABLE FOR NEW CLIENT CALLS.  This process once started WILL cause potential clients to call but YOU must be available to reel them in (Client conversion).   Do not rely on that experienced staffer to do this.  Too many of your competitors are doing this and you need to stand out.  Communication is CRITICAL to this step. 

And always look to your “guide” for help,,,  THIS is where we can make you shine!

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