The Launch: The First Client Meeting!

Rocket launch with moon on background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The Launch; First Client Meeting!

When your first phone call resulted in a client making the appointment, be ready. Email them the client intake forms.  Get them to send you a copy of the charging document or whatever they have regarding the case.  Once they have seen your serious about their time and their case, they will be become emotionally invested.

Once they have made those steps, make sure your staffer calls them the day before to remind them of the meeting time!

When you first meet them, project competence and confidence.  Show them you are ready and able to help.   Once everyone is comfortable, make sure you set the proverbial hook with a client fee/letter of representation.

All of our work leading up to this client contacting you is how you make this whole “system” work for you.

In addition to helping you with marketing, we want you prosper in this process.  We are here to help regardless of how many days or years you have been in practice!


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