The Phone Rings, What Now?

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The Phone Rings, WHAT NOW?

When you get the opportunity to make a first impression and it works, make sure you are able to seize that moment.  The greeter must make the caller feel welcomed and comfortable calling you.  (NEVER “Please hold”)

The second moment comes in getting the caller to you immediately.  Provided you are not standing in front of a judge at that moment, you should make yourself available to pick up right then.  Jump thru hoops, but just do it.  We can show you how to make the phone ring, but in that next 30 seconds your success become yours to own.  And we can show you how to do that too!

Technology can put you on the phone with the new caller no matter where you are at the moment.  Even if you are brand new to the practice, you are not new to technology.  Answering services are familiar with this process and they can make you look far larger than you are now.  Make sure they show you how to link them directly to you by a text message that you can physically answer in a moment. (Thus, giving you time to exit a courtroom to take the call)

Every sports Coach can tell you that games are won by not missing opportunities!  Runners on base when someone strikes out were points not scored!  That conversion in the last seconds of the Superbowl has changed the stars for many teams.

Learn from your mistakes but plan ahead by PRACTICING!   Work out your first “speech”.   This is where we can help you shine.  Let us be your sideline coach to make you smooth.    The Navy SEALS have an expression, “Smooth is slow, and Smooth is fast”.  You must practice like a special operator.

Plan on practicing your speech until you can do it from “muscle memory”.  Then practice some more.  When it become second nature, you are almost ready.    Now it is time to launch!

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