From Dinosaurs to Eagles


From Dinosaurs to


By now, my dear readers have seen that TED talks are an inspiration for many of our daily improvements and even the occasional blog from your humble data cruncher!

Today, is no different.  I encourage everyone to watch Natalie Fratto; 3 ways to measure your adaptability and how to improve it.

What really struck me was her approach to venture capitalism and the corollaries it has to the practice of law.   We have but so many hours in a day and how we “spend’ that asset is what sets the pace of our success.

Natalie focused on adaptability as one the one critical factor for success.  Given what we have all learned from Covid and the impending financial crisis, we have NO CHOICE but to adapt.  If we do not listen to this lesson, we are all dinosaurs looking over our collective shoulders at that meteor streaking thru the sky.  We might all be T-Rex’s today, but we must learn how to adapt and become the eagles of tomorrow.

LOOK!  Up in the sky….


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