That FIRST Impression!

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That FIRST Impression!

When you first meet someone, the impression you think you have made is critical.  With each new person the impression will be filtered by their own experiences in life, so you must first seek to be that person who stands out!  Do NOT follow the crowd.

In this market, lawyers are surprising like herd animals.  We find comfort in staying with the crowd, but that is not how you find the green grass you seek.  (also note; once you find your own style or the “green grass”,  understand that someone will copy it quickly.)

So, avoid the common contact letter that reads like everyone else.  Do not go for the shock letter.  Look at your own mailbox and see what draws your eye and gets you to read the advertisement.  Odds are that is a good place to start.  Be bold.

Fortune does favor the bold.

Just remember you can always redefine your approach when someone else copies it but only in a slightly more flawed way.    You must stay nimble.


Be that firm that redefines how people look at lawyers!


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